Review Live Life Creative

Rating and reviewing the show on your podcast app are one of the best ways you can help more people learn about Live Life Creative and become more creative themselves. After all, isn’t a creative world a better world?

Here’s how you can review through using the Apple Podcasts app:

01 Find the Podcasts app
Step 1
02 Tap on the Search icon
Step 2
03 Tap the search box and type in _live life creative_ and hit search
Step 3
04 Tap on the LLC artwork
Step 4


05 Tap the subscribe button to keep up with the show!
Step 5
06 Congrats! You'll never miss out on a new episode
Step 6
07 Go to your library tab, then tap on the LLC artwork
Step 7
08 Tap on _Write a Review_
Step 8
09 Hit 5 stars (if you like), write a catchy title and review, and hit send!
Step 9