LLC016: Building for Success with Cameron Whitman

This is the second of a two part conversation I had with Cameron Whitman, so if you’d like to hear the first part, go back two episodes and you’ll find it there.


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One building block for success that Cameron emphasizes is finding ways to build multiple streams of income with your creative skill.

We’re jumping straight into the story of how Cameron and his wife started their food blog Our Salty Kitchen (hint: blogging isn’t easy), how his stock photography lands him client jobs, and how he can turn client jobs into stock photos, again, building multiple streams of income.

We also talk about times where he’s gone down in the dumps with his creativity, and his advice for you on getting out of that kind of dark place.

And in honor of his podcast with Tyler Stalman Cameras or Whatever, we also do picks of the week!


Cameron: Cinestill TCS-1000 for film processing

Dylan: Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 G2 USD

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Stocksy portfolio:




Photo credit for episode artwork: Margaret

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