LLC014: Does Stock Suck? With Cameron Whitman

Cameron Whitman is a photographer specializing in food, stock, and event photography. If you’ve ever dismissed stock photography as being hokey and dumb, well, you’re mostly right.

But Cameron has a unique and artistic perspective on what stock photography can be.

You’ll learn a lot on how something you may think is extremely dull has so much creative potential. So learn not to pre-judge and instead find beauty in everything.


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Episode artwork for episode 14 of the Live Life Creative podcast with Cameron Whitman
Photo by Joey Pasco

As a note, Cameron’s opinions are his own, and do not reflect the feelings or perspectives of Stocksy United.

Show Notes

Talking with Cameron really shifted my own perspective on looking at the world and the potential of stock photography. Another idea he’s talked about in the Cameras or Whatever podcast is that there needs to be stock photography of everything. That includes the joys and tears of life, and that needs to be captured so carefully and beautifully, a big challenge creatively if you’re looking for one

If you’re into photography, I’d highly recommend the Cameras or Whatever podcast, it’s one of my favorites.

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Cameron’s links


Instagram: @kammerun and @camalog (film shots only)

Twitter: @camrocker profile

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