LLC013: The Freelance Leap of Faith with Katie McNabb

If you’re considering whether you should go freelance, what do you need to consider first?

Katie took the leap, and she shares the successes, the doubt, struggle, and the highlights of working for yourself!

I really enjoyed sitting down with her in person for a great interview on freelancing, creativity, graphic design, and inspiration for your own work.

Listen on Spreaker here


We talk about using your creative skills for someone else’s vision, whether that’s a client or the organization you work for; when did she decide to go freelance; how she comes up with so many ideas for graphics, logos, etc; the importance of finding a creative community; and more!

Show Notes

Katie’s links:


Instagram: @katiemakesllc


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I’m Dylan Kraayenbrink, helping you break down your creative barriers, so you can Live Life Creative.

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