LLC009: All You Have is Your Name with Devin Robinson of Anchor & Veil Photography

Devin: “I shot a wedding once where the bride hated her hair so bad that she literally had scissors in her hand, was about to cut her hair before her ceremony, and I had to in there and talk this girl off a ledge because I want them to know it’s not nearly as bad as you think it is.” True story.

Photo by Anchor & Veil Photography

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I’m talking to Devin Robinson of Anchor & Veil Photography from Charlotte, North Carolina, he and his wife have an awesome wedding photography business. I found him through another interview on the Photography Together podcast, I started listening to Devin’s Anchored Business podcast, and following his just really amazing images on Instagram, I love what he does.

A bride and groom ride away from their wedding reception on a tandem bike
Photo by Anchor & Veil Photography

Devin really delivers the goods on this interview, we talk about how you can rise above the competition by being unique, the most important principle you NEED to have in your business, and this super crazy bug problem shows up right in the middle of the interview, it’s insane to listen to.

We talked for so long that I split our interview into two parts, so part 1 is right now and part 2 will release in the next interview episode, episode 11.

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A detail shot of the back of a bride's dress
Photo by Anchor & Veil Photography

Show notes

Anchor & Veil Photography website:

Shop wedding photography resources from Anchor & Veil: 15% OFF THE WHOLE SHOP WITH PROMO CODE “LIVELIFECREATIVE”. Thanks Devin!

Follow Anchor & Veil on Instagram:

Business & photography tutorials on the Anchor & Veil YouTube channel:

Subscribe to Devin’s “Anchored Business Podcast”. Search in your podcast player or here’s the Spotify link:

Devin’s video on his wedding gear, including why he dumped Canon and jumped on the Nikon train:

Gary Vaynerchuk on YouTube:

Devin mentioned Parker Pfister’s challenging photography workshop:

Fearless Photographers website:

What the gram

Devin has a regular segment on his podcast called “What The Gram”, so I decided to play it with him! Below are the Instagram posts that I chose for him to explain, and you can tap to find them on the Anchor & Veil Instagram feed:

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This is the first part of the conversation with Devin since we talked for so long, the second and final part will come in episode 11.

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