LLC005: Creativity in Every Season of Life with Author and Pastor Phil Ayres

I met Phil Ayres about two and half years ago, and through that time working with him on projects,  he’s encouraged me to work harder and more creatively, and not be satisfied with good enough. He’s thought deeply about creativity and I hope you learn as much from him in this episode as I have.


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Phil Ayres is a pastor, author, website builder (before CMS was invented!), self-taught marketer, musician and song writer!

He wasn’t all of these things all at the same time, but he’s spent most of his life pursuing creative ventures professionally and personally. I’ve gotten to know him over the past several years and I knew he’d be a great interview for this show from the beginning.

Queue up the episode in your playlist and get ready to hear about creativity from one of the most thoughtful and funny people I could hope to know.

Phil’s website:

Twitter: @iamphilayres

Music by the Innocence:

Stand Where U Be by The Innocence (1989)

Favorite Color by The Innocence (1989)

Innocence Promo Audio


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I’m Dylan, helping you break down your creative barriers, so you can Live Life Creative.

The Pinterest image for the fifth episode of the Live Life Creative podcast with author and pastor Phil Ayres



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